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  • JCB generators
  • Generators 8 -2350kVA
  • Open or enclosed
  • Rental specs
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Complete installations
  • Bunded diesel storage tanks
  • Mobile light towers
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JCB Generator Standard Range

  • 8kVA to 600kVA
  • Enclosed silenced models or open frame
  • Water jacket heater (17kVA and above)
  • Fork pockets
  • 110% fully bunded enclosure
  • Single lifting point
  • Battery charger (17kVA and above)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Bio-diesel compatible
  • External emergency stop button
  • Warranty up to 24 months
Generator Stand by rating (kVA) Spec sheet Enquire
G8X/QX 8 Download Enquire
G13X/QX 13 Download Enquire
G17X/QX 17 Download Enquire
G22X/QX 22 Download Enquire
G33X/QX 33 Download Enquire
G45X/QX 45 Download Enquire
G65X/QX 65 Download Enquire
G90X/QX 90 Download Enquire
G115X/QX 115 Download Enquire
G140X/QX 140 Download Enquire
G144X/QX 144 Download Enquire
G175X/QX 175 Download Enquire
G220X/QX 220 Download Enquire
G275X/QX 275 Download Enquire
G330X/QX 330 Download Enquire
G400X/QX 400 Download Enquire
G440X/QX 440 Download Enquire
G500X/QX 500 Download Enquire
G550X/QX 550 Download Enquire
G600X/QX 600 Download Enquire
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JCB Generator Solutions Range

  • 730kVA to 2300kVA
  • For larger power requirements
  • Permanent, prime, standby or mobile support power
  • Custom built to your specific requirements
  • MTU or Mitsubishi engines
  • Open or enclosed / containerized
  • Communications modules available
  • Super quiet enclosures
  • State of the art controller
  • Synchronizing options
Generator Stand by rating (kVA) Spec sheet Enquire
G730X/QX 730 Download Enquire
G800X/QX 800 Download Enquire
G850X/QX 850 Download Enquire
G860X/QX 860 Download Enquire
G1000X/QX 1000 Download Enquire
G1100X/QX 1100 Download Enquire
G1200X/QX 1200 Download Enquire
G1350X/QX 1350 Download Enquire
G1500X/QX 1500 Download Enquire
G1660X/QX 1660 Download Enquire
G1700X/QX 1700 Download Enquire
G1900X/QX 1900 Download Enquire
G2000X/QX 2000 Download Enquire
G2200X/QX 2200 Download Enquire
G2250X/QX 2250 Download Enquire
G2300X/QX 2300 Download Enquire
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JCB Generator Rental Range

  • 20kVA to 200kVA prime rated
  • Rugged construction
  • Raycor filters
  • Large access doors
  • Low noise level
  • Digital control panel
  • Extended run fuel tanks
  • External lockable fuel filler
  • Recessed IP56 outlets fitted
  • Skid base and fork pockets
  • Single lifting point
  • 110% bunded base
  • 7 day programmable timer
  • Compact dimensions
  • Trailer mounting capability
  • Remote fuel tank connection point with 3-way valve
Generator Stand by rating (kVA) Spec sheet Enquire
G20RX 20 Download Enquire
G30RX 30 Download Enquire
G40RX 40 Download Enquire
G60RX 60 Download Enquire
G80RX 80 Download Enquire
G100RX 100 Download Enquire
G130RX 130 Download Enquire
G160RX 160 Download Enquire
G200RX 200 Download Enquire
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JCB Generator QS Range

If you need power generation you can rely on, the new JCB QS diesel generator range will suit your application.

JCB Generators Australia is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new range of diesel generators. Powered by the JCB DIESELMAX engine, the new QS range are the very latest models to be added to the already successful and comprehensive portfolio of JCB generators and lighting towers.

The QS diesel generators are our latest rugged and efficient units, designed to deliver maximum performance and capable of delivering the highest efficiency even in the most extreme environments.

  • Tried and proven DIESELMAX engine for reliable power generation
  • Premium componentry like Mecc Alte alternators
  • Ergonomic DSE control panel makes monitoring and programming easy
  • Industry-leading low noise levels
  • Various lift points to enhance portability
  • Designed to withstand extreme environments and elements
Generator Stand by rating (kVA) Spec sheet Enquire
G65QS 65 Download Enquire
G90QS 90 Download Enquire
G115QS 115 Download Enquire
G140QS 140 Download Enquire
Brochure Download Enquire
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Lighting Towers

  • 9 metre hydraulic mast
  • Provides 360,000 lumens of white light
  • 4 metal halide spotlights – each of 1000 watts and 90,000 lumens
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 359º rotating mast
  • Lockable key-start analogue control panel
  • Mast extends fully in 13 seconds
  • Fork pockets
  • Single lifting point
  • Fully bunded 100 litre fuel tank for 68 hour run time
  • 4 adjustable legs providing stability
  • 3 cylinder, water cooled Yanmar engine
  • Power socket outlets
  • External power inlet facility
Lighting Tower Spec sheet Enquire
LT9 Download Enquire
LT9 - LED Download Enquire
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Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks

  • Bulk diesel storage tanks from 1000 to 100,000 litres
  • Portable or stationary units
  • Self bunded for stationary storage
  • Baffled for portable storage
  • Ability to feed and return from 3 x generators simultaneously
  • Complies with AS1692 & AS1940
  • Approved to UL142 & ULCS601
  • Constructed using COR-TEN® (350mpa) steel to resist corrosion
  • Marine grade polyurethane paint
  • Four way forklift pockets
  • Crane lifting lugs / tie down points
  • Pumping solutions also available
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Automatic Transfer Panels

JCB offer a full range of Automatic Transfer Switches from 30Amp to

3200Amp capacity. The JCB ATP1 digital panel is integrated into all the

JCB Automatic Transfer Switches and are fully compatible with the JCB CP1

digital control panel fitted as standard on all JCB generators 17kVA and above.

Transfer Panel Spec sheet Enquire
JCB Automatic Transfer Panel Download Enquire
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